The Makings of the Modern Travel PR Pro Course

Master the tools, tactics, and trends that travel public relations professionals need to know today | taught by Team SkiftEDU

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The Makings of the Modern Travel PR Pro

This SkiftEDU course is a self-paced workshop, designed so that you can complete it in an intense series of days or experience it over multiple weeks, depending on your goals. It consists of 8 parts, jam-packed with material for you to consume, including lessons, video interviews with industry experts, and challenges. In addition to materials that you will learn from, there are prompts to get you to put what you've learned into action. You’ll gain fundamental PR skills, stay competitive within the industry, and impress your boss to boot!

Build a Breakout Travel Campaign - The best PR and marketing strategies are built on creative thinking. The more awareness you have of how industries that overlap the travel industry use PR, the more able you’ll be to make connections for your brand campaigns.

Define Success Through Measurement - Show a clear return on investment by setting goals upfront and properly tracking and delivering on them.

Craft Your Message and Media Distribution for Your Travel Campaign - Master the fundamentals of how to write, pitch, and understand the competitive media landscape.

Work with Influencers to Bolster Your Travel Campaign - Develop the right influencer campaign.

Get Placement in Print, Digital and Traditional Media Outlets - Print remains important for luxury brands within the travel industry as digital media commands constant attention.

Create Your Own Content and Lead the Conversation - Create, publish, and distribute content outside of traditional gatekeepers.

Create Corporate Social Responsibility Programs - Build meaningful CSR programs that are fully integrated into a brand.

Handle Crisis Communications in Travel - Advice for handling the unique emergency situations that can arise in the travel industry.

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Team SkiftEDU

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